On the Roads of Entrepreneurship (2020)

In October 2019, a group of four young people was formed as part of the “Entrep’ en Vaucluse“, a support system for entrepreneurship. Through this program they will discover the drivers of business creation.

The project is led by Martin to respond to a need to innovate and create alternatives in the field of higher education. The group then imagined the original concept of an itinerant university: UNIVOYAGE.

Each week, the group is accompanied by coaches to put together its activity plan, its educational booklet and its economic model. Six months later, the project was presented to a professional jury. Successfully!

In May 2020, with the wheels a little veiled by the confinement, Univoyage is named winner of its promotion. Once this finish line has been crossed, we are working on the creation of a responsible communication plan for our next step: to gather around this beautiful project!

Philippe, Martin, Léo, Mila, Manon and Sébastien

Prototyping of training courses (2021)

A good cooperative must render good services!

Before creating a cooperative, the Univoyage team will work on its concept of itinerant modules to test it in the field as close as possible to its final version, combining discovery by bike, training workshops and community life.

In the spring and summer of 2021, we hope to create at least two training courses that will allow us to ensure the viability of our educational proposal. We believe in it! In the meantime, Univoyage is structuring itself as an association.

  • The statutes present the legal purpose of Univoyage;
  • The cooperative project presents Univoyage’s main orientations in its three areas of activity: training and popular education / social and solidarity economy / ecological transition of tourism;
  • The rules of procedure define the day-to-day functioning of the association and its cooperation tools.
The Collège Solidaire

Creating a cooperative (2022)

The new coordination team will later focus on meeting partners who will be interested in engaging with us. The objective will then be to transform the association into a cooperative enterprise of the social and solidarity economy. Univoyage will take the form of a SCIC: a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest.