Let's talk about it! Discovering linguistic ecology, by bicycle from Arras (FR) to Cologne (DE)

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A bike trip to discover new languages

What if you participated in a language stay by bike to share beautiful encounters around European languages?

The stay “Let’s talk about it !” takes us through the European territories of the Hauts de France, Belgian Wallonia and Flanders, Dutch Limburg, as well as North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Our multinational team takes you to discover Northern Europe, through the meeting of collectives that act for the ecological transition in their territory. Together, we will lead workshops among ourselves and for others around different languages:

  • French Dutch German: the languages of the countries crossed
  • Esperanto: fair and ethical international language, with high propaedeutic value
  • All the languages you will bring and share with the group

The strengths of the language stay:

  1. A bike trip to meet ecological collectives
  2. Linguistic and fun workshops: travel diaries, discussions, visits…
  3. Two weeks to discover France, Belgium, Holland and Germany
  4. Warm encounters for the brave who deserve the heart of the North
  5. An unforgettable collective experience 🙂

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Discover the European languages
Arras-Cologne by bicycle
free price, cost sharing, 120€ in advance
From 13 to 27th August 2022
14 days / 13 nights
+ nomads

stages cycling, from 30 to 70km

Itinerant camp
Departure station
Arras (FR)
Arrival station
Cologne (DE)


Fill out the pre-registration form below to reserve a place on the language course.

The team of the stay will contact you at the time of the opening of the registrations to confirm your participation.

Possibility to participate in all or part of the stay depending on your availability.

Univoyage, learning while traveling

A holiday is above all the time to sit down and take a step back from your life course. The stay will allow you to take stock of your achievements and deepen your civic commitment: live and act collectively, travel locally, create social ties.

Together, we are committed to ensuring that you come out of this experience with a strong ambition for your future projects. We accompany you towards your own goals and personal desires to make this stay a unique moment for you!

The inspiration stays are built by the Univoyage association to allow adults to learn differently, through discovery and sharing. They are open to anyone without conditions of access.

A Univoyage language course is:

  • 1 guide for 5 to 8 nomads
  • 1 collective imaginary proposed at the beginning of the session
  • time of service to the community – to put your hand in the dough every day!

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